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10. A Fast Code-Isolation Method

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  3. 10. A Fast Code-Isolation Method

For users who want to avoid writing a valid Selector within a complex HTML hierarchical structure, we have a simpler, more visual approach that we think will help.

Let’s go back to the example used in the previous unit, which was to extract the following table:


Here are the steps to follow:

1. Use your mouse to highlight the part of the code to be captured, as shown in the photo below:

2. Right click, and in the resulting menu choose Send code to Batch/Free Data Collector.

3. Compose a basic Recipe with recursive element tr, three columns, each referring to a generic node td and a progressive instance from 0 to 2.

Using this feature allows you to quickly isolate the portion of code to be analyzed. The corresponding extraction Recipe can be both simple and generic since you’ve eliminated the possibility of extracting repeated elements that are out of your desired range.