Batch Data Collector – Free Data Collector

Feature List

BeginnerEasy Excel-Like InterfaceFamiliar interface, similar to what you already know: Excel. Includes drag-and-drop functionalityXX
BeginnerQuick-Action InterfaceCommon, one-click action templatesXX
AdvancedAdvanced InterfaceFeatures designed for experts that help maximize both control and efficiency. Includes drag-and-drop functionalityXX
BeginnerSimplified-Interface ToggleShow or hide advanced options to customize your experienceXX
BeginnerLink GrabberOne-click action template to extract all links on a web pageXX
BeginnerEmail GrabberOne-click action template to extract all emails on a web pageXX
BeginnerExtraction CustomizerExtract entire web pages or specific portions of source code. Quickly send data to Batch Data Collector by right-clicking your mouseX
BeginnerInspectorVisually compose your final file, and easily capture the right web elements thanks to our point-and-click guideXX
BeginnerSound and AlertsCustomize sounds for key events such as completing a list, scan rate, or general warningsX
BeginnerCustom RecipesDefine what information you want to source from a web page, including custom pointers and recipe actionsXX
AdvancedDOM and Text Recipe CreationDefine specific fields to extract by indicating the text or source code that contains what you want. Or, for better performance, indicate the CSS selectorXX
BeginnerSave Recipes & Safe RecipesPremium subscribers can save recipes within Batch Data Collector. All transmissions are guaranteed by SSL encryptionX
BeginnerSave Custom RecipesSave up to 10 or unlimited custom recipes and reuse them as you likeX
AdvancedSource -, Actual- & Redirect-URL Extract environmental parameters of the web page, such as the source-URL, actual-URL after a redirection, domain name, or the language of the visible textPartiallyX
ExpertCustom tag types to acquireSearch among each HTML standard and non-standard tag attributes, or delve into Script code blocks. XX
AdvancedData Trimming and CleaningClean data of unwanted white space or strip the HTML codeXX
AdvancedData ExclusionDefine key data validation parameters, such as rejecting fields with undesirable information or only accepting information if it matches your specific criteriaXX
ExpertSet Recipe ActionsCustomize cycles of actions or create “loops” to allow incredibly complex sequences of events to be performed before and after data extraction. Basic Actions OnlyX
AdvancedAuto-Detect page EventsSearch underlying web page source code for links, buttons, and hidden events. This helps activate or suppress page triggers from a custom recipeXX
BeginnerData Export PreviewReview collected information in Preview Mode, in HTML (table or code), in CSV code, and in JSON prior to exportXX
BeginnerNative Data ExportExport into XLSx and CSV locally. Nothing you collect ever hits our serversXX
AdvancedBatch NavigationCreate powerful multi-recipe tasks in a single navigation campaign. Auto-browse lengthy URL lists, specify a “Discard List,” and retrieve a final list of pages that yielded no resultsX
AdvancedMulti-tab BrowsingChoose the number of tabs to simultaneously open (up to 10) at a time. For sizable navigation campaign, this could greatly reduce wait times and accelerate productivity, allowing future pages to open while the current pages are extractingX
AdvancedNavigation PausesSet custom pauses between page opens, after a certain number of results are extracted, or after a disconnection event and/or absence of desirable resultsX
AdvancedForced TimeoutIntentionally suppress pages that aren’t responding to keep your navigation campaign moving along without impeding your progress due to a fussy page or bad URLX
AdvancedReduce noise, speed-up your browserFilter images, disable cascading-style sheets, block multimedia objects, or block JavascriptX
ExpertSend Data to an External ServerSend real-time data to an external server in JSON while executing a navigation campaign. Each recordset is defined by the column headings in your recipe. X
ExpertCustomize Exports to External ServerSpecify additional parameters to be sent, such as a token. Detect each server response (successful, unsuccessful), and program any additional dispatch attempts to be madeX
AdvancedProcessor ThrottlingSet an ideal level of processor effort. Lighter work-mode allows you to continue working while sourcing data in the backgroundX
AdvancedRotate User AgentsRandomize your request header to emulate a different browser or computer after each page visitedX
AdvancedAggregate Data by ColumnSelect an aggregation column. Your grouping criteria will be applied upon extractionX
AdvancedBasic Text ManipulationAdd prefixes or suffixes to a selected portion of text and isolate strings between two sentencesXX
AdvancedString Search and Regular Expression CompatibilityKeyword search within strings or source code. Use the power of RegExp to define complex search patternsX
AdvancedString ReplacementReplace one or more strings from the isolated source code to refine your results. Both single replacement and multi-replacement (with character separator) functionality allowedX
AdvancedDownload individual resources as a fileLocally download pictures, HTML pages, or more. All versions include our configurable download managerXX
AdvancedParse as JSONBrowse portions of code, parsing them as a JSON array to grab the exact nodes you are looking forX
AdvancedDownload full web pagesSave web page content in MHTML, incorporating external resources, such as images, applets, animations, etc.XX
AdvancedGo to next page Identify or detect next page buttons and auto-surf until a next page no longer existsXX
AdvancedVertical page auto-scrollingScroll down the page automatically and extract data from rendered new page blocks only. Eventually frees the unused memory dedicated to previous page blocksXX
AdvancedRepeat Until...Reiterates action event list as many times as specifiedXX
ExpertCollect unvisited linksGenerate a list of unique unvisited URLs, extracting them from specific sections of the web page. All links will be navigated during a batch processX
ExpertIF Condition(s)Design complex workflows based on the visible text content or hidden source code of a page. Multiple AND and OR conditions can be grouped togetherX
ExpertViewport Live Code ReplacementReplace or push portions of source code directly to the active browser viewport. Web page architecture can be manipulated extensively, hacking predefined rules designed by a site publisherX
ExpertCode SuppressionSet rules to partially or fully erase portions of web page source code. Some websites are intentionally code-heavy - this should help you lighten the loadX
ExpertAutocomplete RulesAutomatically fill forms and create sub-loops of actions to interact with buttons, textfields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more.X
ExpertExtract Data and Clean MemoryPreconfigure a memory wipe after each successful data extraction to XLSx to help keep your browser nimbleX
ExpertRestore DataShould your browser crash mid-extraction, automated data recovery minimizes the need to start from scratchX

More to come..

We’re not done developing BdC and FdC! Reach out to us if you have any questions or great ideas.