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Batch Data Collector,
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Extract data with a single click.
Data Scraping Re-imagined, without limits.

No page limits

Scrape as much as you want and keep your data safe on your computer

For everyone

Easy Excel-like interface
and single-click action library

Point-and-click Wizard

Create recipes simply by selecting the nodes of a webpage

Advanced options

Sophisticated and easy-to-use tools that can handle complex workflows

Multi-tab browsing

Up to 10 simultaneous browser tabs can load and extract data

A Free version

Almost everything other companies make you
pay for

Collect Data from Any Website, Quickly and Easily

Batch Data Collector is a Chrome Extension that unleashes the power of your browser.

Create a recipe, define a batch program, and watch as your computer executes your plans effectively, efficiently and, best of all, autonomously.

As you’d expect, Batch Data Collector extracts data and organizes it how you choose, be it Excel tables, CSVs or JSON. We also make it simple to use and incomparably versatile.

We won’t tell you we built the most powerful scraper on the planet… that’s your job to find out.

Try Batch Data Collector today, and get ready to uninstall any other scrapers you have.


A Familiar Approach

Batch Data Collector was completely rewritten to offer an interface similar to what you already know – Excel. You can visually compose your final file, and can easily capture the right web elements thanks to our point-and-click guide.

Immediate Results

Batch Data Collector offers a template area where you can choose a standard or complex task and let us do the rest. From there you can sit back, relax, and watch the progress bar hit 100%!

Power User Mode

Our Advanced area is your new best friend. Imagine the ease of Excel combined with the power of CSS selectors, perhaps even ones you’ve composed on your own. And for really advanced users we’ve created dozens of functions to help you manipulate data, activate automatic actions, analyze XML and JSON nodes, perform regular expressions, confirm the presence of data or technologies, identify both languages and standard format objects, and much much more.

Like None Other

Batch Data Collector is the only scraping software with:

automatic, multi-tab management system

customizable “navigation time” – simulate normal human browsing speeds to avoid detection

automatic proxy-switching, complete with verification that an IP address is never repeated

automatic recovery of partial data if your browser crashes. Life saver, game changer

We worked our hardest to build sophisticated and easy-to-use tools that can handle complex workflows. With BdC you can define conditional IF cycles, force live replacements of strings inside source code, or define autocompletion rules within forms. The list of features is unlimited and constantly growing. 

Any other data scrapers doing this?

Want to source data like an expert? Visit our Wiki to learn how.

Tutorial videos

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